Preserving your privacy and the security of your personal information is important to us. Please, before providing us with your Personal Data (the “Data”), take a moment to read the following Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) in which we inform you, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, by the Regulations of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, on how and for what purposes we process your personal information. If you provide us with Data, we will assume that you agree with the terms of this Notice, the purposes of the processing of your Data, as well as the means and procedures that we put at your disposal to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. in section VI of this Privacy Notice. The capitalized terms included in this Notice are understood to refer to the definitions contained in the Law, the Regulation or those established in this Notice.

The personal data and confidential information that you provide will be treated and protected based on the principles of certainty, legality, legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility, provided for in Article Six of the Federal Law. of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals.


The person responsible for the processing of your Data is PECFRA S. de R.L. DE C.V. with address at, C. 60 456A, Parque Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico..


The Data obtained is processed for the following purposes (the “Purposes”): To provide you with the service and products that you request from us or that are part of a program to which you have registered or a purchase you have made; Identify yourself and know your needs for products or services; Offer you a better service; Identify your preferences during your stay and make it more pleasant; Offer you information about our products that best suit your preferences; To make reservations; For the organization of events and social gatherings; Communicate discounts and promotions on our products; For memberships related to our companies; To carry out data analysis through the use of technologies with the aim of developing profiles related to your stays and travel preferences that allow us to evaluate our service and personalize the communication and promotions designed for you; Address your complaints and requests for clarifications; Evaluate the quality of our services; Allow the operation, administration and security of your information, as well as our Website and in general our administration and communication systems with you, and Maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards; Process the Data for purposes compatible with those mentioned in this Privacy Notice and that are considered analogous or related for legal purposes. In the event that we celebrate an act with you related to any product or service offered by us, your Data will be used to comply with the obligations derived from that legal relationship. In the event that no action is taken with you, the Data you have provided us will be blocked and subsequently deleted. The information that has been blocked may be kept for the period necessary to comply with legal provisions such as tax or commercial in nature and will subsequently be deleted. Please note that the information that is attached via labels to the packages or prints containing our products, once delivered, is your responsibility.


We may obtain your Data directly when you go to the hotel or services offered at the hotel such as restaurants, bars, events, etc., by telephone, by electronic means (internet), by social networks (Facebook, Google, Tweeter, Instagram etc.), when connecting to our wi-fi network and requesting our products or services or submitting complaints and suggestions regarding them, or through sources that are permitted by Law.

The personal data obtained by the means indicated above are:

– Identification: name(s), surname(s), telephone number(s), marital status, email address, age, date of birth, gender, company name, and RFC number. Preferences related to the lodging service and/or preferences or allergies related to the food and beverage service and/or travel needs.

– Physical location: private address, tax address; reservation and/or stay dates, flight date and time, arrival date and time at the hotel.

– Autenticación: nombre de usuario, contraseña y firma autógrafa.

– Assets: credit or debit card number, bank account number, bank details, expiration date and security code.

– C. Sensitive Personal Data. Sensitive personal data is considered to be personal data that affects the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose improper use could give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for the owner. In particular, those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, sexual preferences are considered sensitive. Posadas does not collect sensitive personal data. If you require a specific service for which you provide this data, Posadas will use it only to provide said service and satisfy your specific needs.

– In the event of a health emergency(s), PECFRA, in terms of the applicable regulations, will collect data related to your health status with the sole purpose of achieving the health protection of you and the other people who are in the area. hotel, information that will only be kept for the time necessary to fulfill said purpose.

 Estos Datos son esenciales para la prestación de nuestros servicios y facturación, en su caso, y serán tratados únicamente para las finalidades establecidas en el presente Aviso.


Sometimes we may transfer your data to suppliers for billing purposes, quality assessment and monitoring of complaints and suggestions, market studies and promotional campaigns or to offer you new products and promotions. Based on articles 36 and 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, the Data may be lawfully transferred for the Purposes established in this Privacy Notice to: Our subsidiaries, subsidiaries, affiliates and/or or controllers, within national territory or abroad, in charge of customer service and studies related to the provision of our services and products; and Third parties such as marketing agencies that participate with us to provide you with our products and services, or to any government authority that requires it, in terms of what is established in accordance with the Law.


The protection of Personal Data is guaranteed and they are protected by administrative, technical and physical security measures, to prevent their loss, alteration, destruction, improper use, access or disclosure.


You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition and revoke your consent for the processing of your Data (ARCO rights) by submitting a request to the address at Chiapas 152, Colonia Roma, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Postal Code 06700, Mexico City , Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 15:00 p.m. or by electronic means as established below. To exercise your ARCO rights you must fill out the application form that you can request by sending an email to the address or at the corporate office and submit it electronically by sending it to this same email address or directly at the corporate office.

Said request must contain at least: (a) your full name; (b) indicate whether the request is submitted personally or through a representative, (c) your address, (d) your telephone number; (e) indicate whether you accept that the notifications we make in relation to your request take effect via email that you provide us; (f) the clear and precise description of the Personal Data with respect to which you request to exercise any of the ARCO rights, (g) where applicable, your express statement to revoke consent to the processing of your Data; (h) any other element that facilitates the location of your Data (date on which the Data was provided to us, Hotel or restaurant, identification number of the event held, person who attended you, areas involved and others that you can find on your ticket. purchase) and (i) documents that prove your identity and/or personality with power of attorney. Remember that in accordance with the Law, to process your request you must previously prove your identity or personality to us through personal assistance by presenting the original and a copy of your official identification and/or power of attorney. When Access and Rectification requests are submitted and if you reside outside of Mexico City, you can submit the request electronically, attaching a digitalized copy of your official identification and/or power of attorney and wait for our news with instructions to proceed. Likewise, the owner guarantees that the data provided is reliable, accurate and complete, for which he is responsible for any damages due to falsehood or identity theft. In the case of rectification requests, you must attach the documents that prove the request and the specific data that you wish to modify. These documents must be presented in original and copy for comparison. The rest of the procedure will be processed in accordance with the deadlines and stages established in the Law. It is important that you keep in mind that not in all cases PECFRA, S. de R.L. DE C.V. (“ACQUA IN BOCCA HOTEL”) may respond to your request or conclude it immediately, since it is possible that due to some legal obligation it is required to continue processing your personal data. Likewise, you must consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will imply that we will not be able to continue providing the service you requested from us, or the conclusion of your relationship with PECFRA, S. de R.L. DE C.V. (“ACQUA IN BOCCA HOTEL”). If you no longer want us to send you information about our products and/or services or wish to choose to limit the use, transfer or disclosure of your Data, send us your request to the email address


We do not provide services to minors nor do we approve requests for services from them. Accordingly, we do not establish or maintain records of Data of any minor of whom we are aware. However, if we discover that we have received Personal Data or information from a person who indicates that he or she is a minor, or from any other person who we have reason to believe is a minor, we will cancel such Data in accordance with the provisions set forth by Law. In the event that the minor fraudulently pretends to be of legal age, he or she will be subject to the corresponding responsibilities of any nature. We ask parents or legal guardians to supervise their children while online or making phone calls.


When applicable, if you do not express your opposition to your Data being processed in the terms indicated in this Notice, it will be understood that you have given your consent to do so.

Likewise, we inform you that based on article 22 of the General Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Obligated Subjects, we are not obliged to obtain the consent of the owner for the processing of their personal data in the following cases:

  • When a law so provides;
  • When the transfers made between data controllers involve personal data that are used for the exercise of their own, compatible or analogous powers;

IX. When there is a court order, resolution or well-founded and motivated mandate from a competent authority;

  • For the recognition or defense of the rights of the owner before competent authority;
  • When personal data is required to exercise a right or comply with obligations derived from a legal relationship with the owner;
  • When there is an emergency situation that could potentially harm an individual in person or property;

X. When personal data is necessary to carry out treatment for prevention, diagnosis, the provision of health care;

XI. When personal data appears in publicly accessible sources;

  • When personal data is subject to a prior dissociation procedure;
  • When the owner of the personal data is a person reported missing under the terms of the law on the matter.
  • Control and Security of personal information:

PECFRA, S. de R.L. DE C.V. (“ACQUA IN BOCCA HOTEL”) undertakes to take the necessary measures to protect the information collected, using security technologies and control procedures in the access, use or disclosure of your personal information without authorization, for example, by storing personal information provided on servers located in Data Centers that have limited access controls. For online transactions, we also use security technologies that protect personal information transmitted to us through various electronic means, such as the use of a secure server under the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

However, no security or data transmission system of which the company does not have absolute control and/or is dependent on the Internet can guarantee that it is totally secure.


Our company reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Notice at any time. If there is any modification to this Notice, it will be made known to you on any of our Websites:, ó o podrás consultarlo en nuestro domicilio ubicado PECFRA S. de R.L. DE C.V. con domicilio en, C. 60 456A, Parque Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico..


We inform you that on our website we use cookies, web beacons, and/or similar technology to: Obtain personal information; To determine your preferences when you connect to our sites' services; To track certain behaviors or activities you carry out within our sites; To allow the user to be recognized when entering the sites; To offer you a personalized experience; To help track some activities etc. The “help” button, found on the toolbar of most browsers, will tell you how to prevent accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable all cookies.

However, cookies will allow you to take advantage of the most beneficial features we offer, so we recommend that you leave them activated.


If you have questions about this Notice, the handling of your Data or information about our products, services, please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer at the email: 

Update date: October 19, 2023





You are being video recorded by security cameras owned by PECFRA S DE RL DE CV at EL HOTEL ACQUA IN BOCCA HOTEL located at, C. 60 456A, Parque Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico.

The data collected through video surveillance cameras (images) of clients, employees, suppliers, service providers and any person who accesses and/or transits the facilities will be used, with the purpose of preserving the safety of people. , of the goods and facilities in the monitored spaces.  

The images captured by video surveillance cameras will not be subject to referral or transfer, except those that are necessary to meet information requirements from a competent authority, which are duly founded and motivated.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (ARCO rights) of your personal data by sending an email to privacy@ACQUAINBOCCAHOTEL.COM to process your request.

The person responsible for processing your Data is PECFRA S. de R.L. DE C.V. with address at, C. 60 456A, Parque Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico. For more information about the processing of your personal data and the rights that you can assert, consult our Comprehensive Privacy Notice directly on the website: www.ACQUAINBOCCAHOTEL.COM, at the email: privacy@ACQUAINBOCCAHOTEL.COM

Update date: October 19, 2023



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